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Bloom is blooming – view full programme now

2 days, 8 stages and 79 events, presenting more than 80 acute minds, researchers and communicators. Denmark’s new festival on nature and science is blooming at Søndermarken on May 27 and May 28 and the programme is ready now.

When the leaves are green and the evening is bright, Denmark’s new festival on nature and science will be in full bloom. The full programme for the festival, which has The Carlsberg Foundation and The Carlsberg Bequest as primary sponsors, is available now.

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At Bloom, the audience gets to experience names such as Alice Roberts (UK), Tor Nørretranders (DK), Daniel Lieberman (US) Ole Fogh Kirkeby (DK), Rane Willerslev (DK), Vincent F. Hendricks (DK), Kristian Leth (DK/US), Troels C. Petersen (DK) and Lone Frank (DK).

If you are partial to professors and top researchers from Denmark and abroad, you can settle around “Summer”, the big stage of the festival, where animated and great ideas will be presented. You can also walk in the footsteps of Niels Bohr, enjoy music, lean back and listen to poetry recitals, have a good cup of coffee, or sit down in the grass with food from one of the food trucks on the festival site. There will also be green “backyard laboratories” and a stage for children only. “Byhøst” (City Harvest) will be serving a family-style long-table dinner and both “Bisse” (solo artist) and “Katinka” (duo) will be giving concerts filled with musical peculiarity in the midst of the magical wonder that is nature.

Selected festival formats

Masterminds: Meet, among others, Alice Roberts (UK), Tor Nørretranders (DK), Daniel Lieberman (US), Ole Fogh Kirkeby (DK), Rane Willerslev (DK), Kristian Leth (DK/US), Troels C. Petersen (DK)

The Arts: Enjoy a classical concert curated by artist Søren Dahlgaard to the sounds of Mozart.

Trio-talk: (Re)Born to be Wild. Researchers discuss the possibility of recreating species of the past. Tom Gilbert, Eline Lorenzen and Britt Wray offer three different angles on the (re)Genesis.

Walks: Ant expert Hans Joachim Offenberg will look down and spy on the ants in the tall grass and shady patches of Søndermarken on an anthropological “ant safari”.

Symposium: Geological schock. Anna Tsing and Andreas Malm in conversation with “Ny Jord” (New Earth) on life in the anthropocene epoch.

About Bloom

The festival is held at the Southeastern corner of “Søndermarken”, more specifically in the area around “Lindehøjen”. Entrance is free for everyone, but you can buy a Friends of Bloom-bracelet for 100 DKK to support the festival.

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Who is behind?

The Carlsberg Foundation and Carlsberg Bequest are primary sponsors of Bloom. Other sponsors are Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Roskilde Festival Fonden, Frederiksberg Kommune, FrederiksbergFonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Brødrene Hartmanns Fond, Danish Arts Foundation, Københavns Kommune, Dagbladet Information and Agency for Culture and Palaces.

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