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Meet the Carlsberg Family at the Golden Days Festival 2017

The Carlsberg Family is behind a wide range of arrangements when the Golden Days Festival 2017 takes place in Copenhagen during the days September 2 – September 17, 2017. The New Carlsberg Glyptothek and the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle, the foundations The Carlsberg Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation, as well as the Carlsberg Research Laboratory and the visitor centre Visit Carlsberg present a broad spectrum of events, bringing the audience back to Carl Jacobsen’s (1842-1914) Copenhagen and connecting it to the city of today – still with the visible footprints of the brewer.

Have a historic dinner in Carls Jacobsen’s villa, visit the conversation saloon on the topic of Bildung, taste beers of the past, take your children to Carl’s school for heroes, step inside the Carlsberg Foundation and the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and have a look at the impressive palace from 1894-1899, inspired by the Italian High Renaissance.

When the Golden Days Festival opens on September 2nd with the headline “Copenhagen 850”, the Carlsberg Family invites the Danish people inside the story of one of Denmark’s most significant business successes of all time. A special festival-track Carl Jacobsen (1842-1914) and the upper middle class of Copenhagen is dedicated to 25 different arrangements, telling, not only the fascinating story of the Carlsberg family, but also adding to the understanding of the enormous impact that both J.C. Jacobsen and Carl Jacobsen have had on the arts, science and culture in Denmark then as well as now.

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“Carlsberg and the Jacobsen family have left clear fingerprints on all of Denmark and especially Copenhagen for generations. Both the founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen, and his son Carl Jacobsen had close relations with the great minds, scientists and artists of their time, and they were both driven by a Semper Ardens – “always burning” – attitude towards everything they did. Furthermore, they were both determined to give back to society, which has led to everything from buildings to artwork to the purchase of magnificent art pieces or supporting scientific discovery and great scientists”, says Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and the Carlsberg Bequest, which is one of the primary sponsors behind the Golden Days Festival.

“Therefore, I am excited to see that the Golden Days tracks this year follow the Jacobsen family with a focus on Carl Jacobsen, who, among other things, was the man behind The Little Mermaid, which today is the symbol of Copenhagen itself. I hope that the festival programme from the Carlsberg Family will open the Danish people and the people of Copenhagen to the great impact the brewer family had – and still has - on the city”.’

About the Carlsberg Family and Carl Jacobsen

The history of the Carlsberg Family is first and foremost a story about the scientists’, the patrons’ and the industrial magnates’ Copenhagen. For generations, the brewer family left a notable mark on the city through their brewery in Valby. But also, the family’s large donations to art, culture and science, which - then and now - are pouring back into society, have influenced Denmark. An influence, that is still clear as daylight in the Danish capital, where the New Carlsberg Glyptothek is one of the most well visited museums, and the Little Mermaid is still one of the most important tourist attractions.

Carl Jacobsen, the philanthropist, the beautifier and man of Copenhagen, was born to be a brewer. He had a lifelong love-hate relationship with his father, J.C. Jacobsen, and was married to his beloved Ottilia in 1874. Carl Jacobsen cherished art and had relations with the sharpest minds of his time. He donated the, to this day, most characteristic landmark to the city of Copenhagen: The Little Mermaid, and gave the New Carlsberg Glyptothek to the capital, as his private art collection was growing explosively. Furthermore, he established the New Carlsberg Foundation, granted a new spire to Nikolaj Church, which had burnt down and donated a number of sculptures to the city, leaving behind himself an impressive legacy of historicistic industry buildings.

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About Golden Days – Copenhagen 850

According to Saxo, this year, 2017, is the 850-year mark of the founding of Copenhagen. Today, Copenhagen is a pulsating metropolis, which is frequently listed as the best city in the world to live in. But what makes Copenhagen Copenhagen? What are the unique Copenhagen features – and how do these apply to the world at large?

With the title “Copenhagen 850” the Golden Days Festival of September 2017 will focus on the development and growth of Copenhagen and examine what has turned this city into the metropolis that it is today. By diving into the history of Copenhagen, the festival will communicate the development of the city from new, surprising and engaging angles. Therefore, Copenhagen 850 will be a cultural historical examination of Copenhagen as a city, as a phenomenon and as a feeling.

The Golden Days Festival is sponsored by The Carlsberg Bequest.

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