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The Carlsberg Foundation offers funding for excellent research

The Carlsberg Foundation announces Call for Applications for ground breaking science, carried out by researchers with a special connection to Danish research environments.

The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent basic research at a high international level, carried out at Danish research institutions, as well as institutions abroad. In the Call for Applications 2017, the foundation is attaching great importance to talent development and the generational shift in Danish research, as well as internationalisation of Danish talent and visionary scientific breakthrough.

“This year, we have extraordinarily decided to offer project funding for young associate professors again, as we last year noted a high demand on these and had to turn down a lot of excellent applications. Furthermore, we pay notice to analyses, pointing towards a need to remedy a deficiency in research funding on overall terms, leaving young researchers in a difficult situation at a critical time in their research career, where they need to consolidate their individual research profile”, says Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of The Carlsberg Foundation.

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Instruments offered

Among others, postdoctoral grants are awarded to excellent PhD’s for research stays abroad, lasting up to 12 months, or for independent research activities in Denmark. Associate Professor grants can be applied for with the purpose of creating better opportunities for young associate professors to consolidate their independent research group.

Also, the “Semper Arden” grants within the humanities and social sciences, which were introduced in 2016, are offered again. Up to eight one-year grants are awarded to leading, established researchers, with the desire to compose a groundbreaking monograph. These grants are awarded to researchers with a special “Semper Ardens” (= passionate, always burning) attitude towards their research.

Furthermore, the foundation offers funding for publishing, research stays at foreign institutions, field trips and conferences, as well as equipment, registry data etc.

Queen Margrethe II “Distinguished” postdoctoral grant

As something new this year, Queen Margrethe II “Distinguished” postdoctoral grant at the Danish Academy in Rome is offered. The grant is awarded one time for one postdoctoral stay, lasting two to three years at the academy in Rome for research within the humanities and natural sciences.

Application deadline is 1st of October 2017, at 4PM. The Webfond application system will be open for applications from 1st of September 2017.

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