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Dansk deltagelse i ”International Social Survey Programme” (ISSP) 2019-2024

Research Infrastructure


The main activity for the project is to secure Danish participation in the International Social Survey Programme for the Next six years. The ISSP Network is one of the leading survey Networks in the worls, and high quality survey data is collected from almost 50 countries each year with different topics. The project will brand Danish survey research internationally, and will strengthen the Danish survey research environment.


It is important for Danish survey research to be a part of the large international survey Projects. The ISSP Network is one of the most influential survey Networks, and data is used World wide in more than 9000 publications (http://issp.org/about-issp/publications/) It is of great importance that this project allows Danish survey researchers, not only to participate in the ISSP for at long period of time, but also to strengthen the Danish survey research environment, and in that way clarify the Danish survey expertices internationally.


Each year the ISSP master questionnaire will be translated and data will be collected by Statistics Denmark. The master questionnaire will be supplemented with questions of particular Danish interest, and one or more methodological experiments will be added. By the methodological experiments we will be able to add knowledge the international research in survey quality.


ISSP data is collected every year, and researcher from all over the world are shortly after able to use the data free of charge. The grant allow us to participate in the ISSP Network for the NeXT six years, wich further allow us to be more active members of the Network. By this we are given the opportunity to be member of the powerful methodology committee or other standing commitees in the Network. It also gives the opportunity to apply for hosting the ISSP annual meeting, which is a great way of branding Danish survey research. The aim of the project is also to strengthen and consolidate the Danish survey research environment, and the six year grant makes it possible to create a powerful and robust national Network as well.