Til bevillingsoversigt

Ratchets and Domains of Social Evolution

Special Research Projects


My project is about completing a monograph that will likely have the same title as this project. The book will explore the extent to which the major evolutionary transitions in life's organizational complexity can be interpreted and explained by the 'gene's eye view of evolution that is also known as inclusive fitness theory.


My book aims to unify conceptual evolutionary theory by highlighting that life's truly innovative changes represented fundamental discontinuities and have not arisen as gradual emergent properties. It will include a critique of the continuum idea of all social life that was introduced with sociobiology and will therefore also be relevant for a readership beyond biologists.


My research includes library work, the design of integrative diagrams and writing.


The human condition has been systematically improved by science, which can only be an efficient process when science has transparent theories to generate testable predictions that can be challenged by new data and experiments. The neo-Darwinian paradigm is one of the most successful scientific theories. It has continued to liberate human thought so that further progress in its conceptual coherence will offer general benefits to society.