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Neuron-glia signaling underlying brain behavior meeting



The goal of the Neuron-glia signaling underlying brain behavior meeting is to shed light on the diverse physiological roles of neuron-glia interactions. It will bring the unique opportunity to explore in detail the richness and complexity of this signaling by gathering the leaders, pioneers and frontrunners in the field from all around the world (Alfonso Araque, USA; Aude Panatier, France; Gertru Perea, Spain; Giovani Marsicano, France; Carole Escartin, France; Arlette Kolta, Canada; Piergiorgio Carmignoto, Italy). 

They will present their most recent findings, including unpublished data demonstrating the importance of different signaling pathways, such as dopamine, GABA, endocannabinoids or noradrenaline for neuron-astrocyte interactions, and their impact in complex behaviors as working me.