Til bevillingsoversigt

Publication of "Danske Magazin bd. 54, 2021"



"Danske Magazin" has been published since 1754 and is thus Denmark's - and one of the world's - oldest still living magazines. It is published by "Det kongelige danske Selskab for Fædrelandets Historie", and it has from the beginning had the purpose to qualify the knowledge of Denmark's history by publishing original sources in transcription, with explanatory introductions and notes. 

With its presentation of a wide range of historical sources, "Danske Magazin", which is peer-reviewed, has an invaluable significance to Danish historical research. Volume 54 publishes documents about Frederik (VI)'s upbringing, the beginning of the National Museum, Princess Alexandra's wedding in 1863, a Danish impression of Rome in the 1920's and the development of topographical descriptions in Trap Danmark.