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Grant to Niels Bohr Gold Medal



In 1955 the Danish Engineering Association instituted the Niels Bohr Gold Medal to be given to a physicist on the very highest international level. The Medal has been awarded to eminent scientists like Niels Bohr, George de Hevesy, Werner Heisenberg, Richard P. Feynman, Hans A. Bethe, John A. Wheeler, Alain Aspect and three years ago to Jens K. Nørskov. The recipients should preferably, but not necessarily, have contributed to field related to quantum physics. Our aim is to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the Nobel Prize to Niels Bohr in 2022 by awarding the Gold Medal i 2022. In addition the recipient is awarded a prize of 100.000 Euro, provided by this grant from the Carlsberg Foundation. The Gold Medal will be handed over by Queen Margrethe on Niels Bohrs birthday on 7 Oct 2022.