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Going Green Globally? Moral Economies of Vegetarianism

Monograph Fellowships


My book will advance understanding of the potential role of vegetarianism in fostering sustainability. Specifically, it will contribute insights and broaden the ambit of the hitherto limited, comparative, and empirically-based literature on vegetarianism and will establish an interdisciplinary research agenda for exploring how forms of food regulation can sustain vegetarianism.


Its findings will be essential for understanding how vegetarianism, as a key contributor to the reduction of global greenhouse gases, is understood, practiced, and contested at different social scales.


The methodology that I apply in my research is multi-sited and based on mixed methods, with quantitative methods playing an auxiliary role within an overarching interpretivist qualitative framework.


Despite the clear and acknowledged green benefits of vegetarianism, questions of how state agencies, producers, retailers, and consumers respond to global calls for reduced meat production and consumption warrant systematic attention. My two case studies generate new theories on vegetarianism from a global perspective. This study contributes to a new and more nuanced understanding of the green economy, adding to an emerging body of empirically rich explorations of the multiple meanings of the 'green'.