Til bevillingsoversigt

Rethink Impact



The project applied for is funding for travel and accommodation for four keynote speakers for the biannual conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), which is held at Aarhus University in October 2022. The theme of the conference is "rethink impact" and participants will address the different ways in which we, as researchers and teachers in media and communication, make (or may make) a difference for students, governments, NGOs, companies and civil society. The four keynote speakers address the theme of impact with regard to, respectively, research on children and media, participatory research on/with indigenous communities, entrepreneurial research and journalism on race relations.


The theme of the project, i.e. the conference, is "rethink impact" and the main discussions will be focused on the diverse ways in which research and teaching within the broad field of media and communication are impacting on society as well as the ways in which society is impacting on research and education. Given this, the conference will feature keynote speakers with different but related experiences in interacting with local and national governments, supra-national bodies (e.g. the EU and the UN), commercial companies and NGOs as well as indigenous communities. In addition to the keynote speakers, the conference features a range of special panels in which various stakeholders — researchers, university managers, industry representatives, consultants, civil society representatives, local government employees and politicians — will discuss the impact and value of research and education in media and communication from both a short- and long-term perspective as well as within a Nordic context and beyond. The impact of the conference will thus be a heightened reflectivity among people interacting in various types of collaborative projects across the boundaries of research, teaching and societal interest; and, following this, a heightened understanding of how universities, companies, civil society organizations and governments in fact may share interests in addressing key challenges with regard to media and communication.