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International Investment Law and Environmental Protection



International efforts to mitigate hazards of climate change have led to demands for international businesses to curb the damaging effects of their activities. As a result, international investment law (IIL), regulating this field, and focused primarily on protecting the investments, should be revisited to identify possible safeguards for enhanced environmental protection. The project offers a pioneering overview of such safeguards and offers recommendations for further reforms and regulatory action. To this end, it has brought together leading experts, whose work will be presented at the conference in October 2022, and published in an edited volume. The project is conducted jointly by University of Copenhagen, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg and CNRS - CERSA University Paris II.


The project will directly benefit the Danish and European society, because its main goal is to contribute to safeguarding Sustainable Development Goals and to increase the level of legal protection of environmental common goods. Furthermore, the project will provide practical procedural and substantive legal tools for protection of natural environment in investment relations, useful for several specialized groups of stakeholders: (1) legal practitioners facilitating international business transactions; (2) Danish and European industry involved in international investment relations; (3) public sector/governmental agencies seeking to effectively guard public interest in relations with private investors; (4) NGOs (e.g. ClientEarth) specialized in legal protection of natural environment.