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SIR - The Sexuality & Interpersonal Relationship Research Group

The Carlsberg Foundation’s Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowships


Through close co-operation with public stakeholders and other national and international researchers the intentions and aims of the SIR research group are transformed into state of the art research projects. Currently, for the three areas outlined above, a) a national RCT study targeting all newly divorcees in Denmark is ongoing in co-operation with the State Administration b) a Cross-European study of sexuality among 60-75 year old individuals using a mix-method design is ongoing in close co-operation with 5 other European countries and c) a national multicenter and questionnaire study of sexuality among anxiety patients is on its way in co-operation with National Anxiety Centers, University of Aalborg, and Statens Serum Institute (SSI).


Sexuality and relationships are important but understudied areas of science. Both areas hold significant but unexplored potential to contribute to individuals quality of life, health, illness prevention and recovery. Within the three areas of a) Marriage/Divorce research, b) Healthy Sexual Aging and c) Sexuality in The Danish Health Care System, the SIR research group aims to bring about new basic knowledge with the potential to be transformed and implemented in applied settings both nationally and internationally.


For each research project the basic vision of the SIR research group is to inform existing research in the targeted area and transform acquired basic knowledge into testable scalable digital products, solutions, and interventions to the benefit of individuals and the Danish society at large. This is accomplished through close co-operation with other researchers and (public) stakeholders in the targeted areas of research.