Diversity Policy | Carlsbergfondet

Carlsberg Foundation Diversity Policy

The Carlsberg Foundation has supported excellent Danish research since 1876 and still strives to brew knowledge for an enlightened future. Excellence requires talent and given the current gender imbalance in the Danish research system, the Foundation is convinced that an improved gender balance at universities will increase the quality and impact of Danish research. Across innovation, quality, methodological approaches and collaboration, an increase of the total talent available will benefit the Danish as well as the global society.

Consequently, the Carlsberg Foundation is firmly committed to promoting gender equality in recognition of the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”. By having an explicit focus on this goal, the Foundation strives to improve conditions and remove barriers for female researchers at Danish universities, particularly researchers advancing from assistant to associate professor positions and from associate to full professor positions.

Implementation measures

Never diverging from the Carlsberg Foundation’s purpose of supporting excellent research, the Foundation seeks to ensure gender balance in all its grant making through implementation of the following measures:

Calls for applications
  • The Foundation will actively encourage female researchers to apply for research grants before the annual call for applications through targetedcommunication.
  • Applicants of larger grants must describe in their recruitment plan how they plan to ensure diversity and gender balance in their research team.
The application and grant process
  • The Foundation adopts a holistic view of each applicant's qualifications, taking both quantitative and qualitative criteria into consideration, as well as the applicants’ career potential.
  • Recognizing that maternity leave is a major issue in any attempt to achieve gender equality in the Danish research system, the Foundation will seek to eliminate financial obstacles for career advancement for pregnant women and women on maternity leave. The Foundation thus covers the difference between the salary of the person (man or woman) on parental leave and the reimbursement received from the state.
  • After completing a research project, grantees of larger grants must account for how they have addressed diversity and gender balance.
  • The Foundation will annually monitor and report the gender distribution across its applicants and grantees on the Foundation’s website.


The Foundation will use its voice in the public domain to set focus on the need for gender equality and diversity in Danish research to create more awareness within research environments and in the wider society.