We brew knowledge for a brighter future

Rapid technological and economic advances in our increasingly globalised world are bringing dramatic changes to people, nature and society alike. New challenges demand new knowledge so that we can seize new opportunities.

The Carlsberg Foundation has been brewing knowledge for a brighter future since 1876. Forever on the hunt for new insights, we support outstanding basic research that helps us understand more about ourselves, one another and the world.

From the outset the Foundation’s mission has been to give back to society by supporting research of the kind that paved the way for the breakthroughs made by Carlsberg founder J.C. Jacobsen and his contemporaries. He bequeathed his brewery to the Carlsberg Foundation precisely so that its profits could be used for far-sighted and groundbreaking research.

What began as the visionary idea of a passionate brewer with a deep love of science is now one of the world’s oldest industrial foundations.

Along the way, we have helped Danish pioneers in everything from atomic physics to archaeology and polar research. We have laid the ground for such scientific advances as the pH scale and the purification of yeast, a cornerstone of modern brewing. And we are proud of our position as the largest private benefactor of the humanities in Denmark.

Under Jacobsen’s motto of semper ardens – always burning – we support those whose passion and enthusiasm for their field burn so brightly as to spark new ideas and approaches.

We aim to foster a thirst for knowledge and education – a desire to learn more, see opportunities in change and find meaning in the unknown. We want to unlock people’s potential.

We bring together talented, ambitious and creative researchers in the natural sciences, philosophy, the social sciences and the humanities. Together we push back the boundaries of knowledge, create space for reflection and draw clear boundaries between temporary fads and enduring wisdom.

We shoulder our social responsibility and support solutions to current and looming global challenges through insight, curiosity and collaboration. Born with an international outlook, we take knowledge from Denmark to the world and bring home excellence, building international partnerships and networks across disciplines to drive both ourselves and the world forwards.

At the Carlsberg Foundation we are passionate about research, education, history, art and culture that create reflective people, strong communities and a sustainable world.

We brew knowledge for a brighter future.