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The Carlsberg Bequest – in honour of brewer J.C. Jacobsen

J.C. Jacobsen and staff | 1885

The Carlsberg Foundation established 1 October 1938 - on the 50th anniversary for J.C. Jacobsen’s transfer of the brewery to the Carlsberg Foundation - the Carlsberg Bequest in honour of brewer J. C. Jacobsen.

In accordance with the charter, The Carlsberg Bequest supports smaller and larger projects contributing to communicating and promoting the understanding of basic science and its impact in society.

The target group for these projects is the general public from and including upper secondary school level.

The Carlsberg Bequest Board of Directors are disposing the funds in accordance to the charter.

For further information on support from the Carlsberg Bequest, please contact Foundation Advisor and Program Manager, Jasmina Milenkovic, email:

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