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The Tuborg Foundation

The Tuborg Foundation strengthens young people's opportunities to realize their dreams and ideas together with other young people and to influence the sustainable society of the future. The initiative and drive of young people are crucial for the continued development of our society and business community.

Since the Tuborg Foundation was established as a non-profit foundation in 1931, it has supported a diverse range of initiatives that have helped build bridges between sectors and bring people together in new ways.

The objective of the Tuborg Foundation is to promote socially beneficial projects and provide particular support for Danish industry. This is fully consistent with the Carlsberg Foundation, which also has a socially beneficial objective.

The Tuborg Foundation strengthens the opportunities for young people to work together to make a difference and come up with new solutions.

The Tuborg Foundation supports entrepreneurs, champions and agents of change. Those who engage more people in the community, expand potential and pave the way for more young people to fulfil their dreams, train for working life and gain an influence in society.

The Tuborg Foundation supports young people and organisations that strengthen the opportunities for young people to come together to live their dreams and use their drive for the benefit of society and Danish industry.

The Tuborg Foundation is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, of which it has been a part since 1991, and the funds distributed by the Carlsberg Foundation come from dividends paid out on its shares in Carlsberg A/S. The amount of money available to the Tuborg Foundation each year for making its awards therefore depends on how much it receives from the Carlsberg Foundation, with the Tuborg Foundation receiving the fixed amount of 13% of the Carlsberg Foundation’s annual distribution.

For young Danes, the climate crisis is absolutely the biggest social issue of our time. The need for a green transition is highlighted weekly by new measurements of, among other things, record-high concentrations of greenhouse gases and a biodiversity in free fall. The Tuborg Foundation wants to help more young people to engage in the Sustainable Development Goals, and the focus area of “Entrepreneurship – room for green ideas” provides an opportunity to apply for funding for sustainable projects and initiatives.

Who and what the Tuborg Foundation supports

The Tuborg Foundation’s target group is young people aged 16-30, and the Foundation supports young people and organisations that strengthen young people’s determination, drive and influence within four focus areas: Labour Market, Entrepreneurship, Democracy and Creative Industries.

In recent years, the Tuborg Foundation has awarded DKK 70-90 million for activities within the four focus areas that benefit society and provide particular support for Danish industry.

Applicants can apply for up to DKK 100,000 via the Dream Pool or more than DKK 100,000 for project support. There is no deadline for submitting applications, which can be made at any time of the year.

Furthermore, the Foundation has a number of pools that are advertised during the course of the year as they become accessible.

Tuborg Foundation Music Support (Tuborgfondet Musikhjælp) brings together a number of initiatives that support more young people in making music for a living. We want more varied young talents to engage in music, and we dream of a more diverse music industry.

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