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The Tuborg Foundation

Since 2014, Skateducate has set up numerous camps, events, and workshops and taught a lot of girls between the age of 7 to 18 years old to believe in themselves and unite to stand on a skateboard. They have not just arranged events in Aarhus and the rest of the country, but they have also organised an event for children and young people in Sisimiut, Greenland. The Tuborg Foundation has supported the association Skateducate with money for new boards, so more girls can become part of the rolling community. Photo: Henriette Klausen

The Tuborg Foundation – the foundation for voluntary communities

The Tuborg Foundation was established in 1931, since when it has supported a diverse range of initiatives across Denmark within the areas of music, culture, sport, education and industry. The Foundation was created with the objective of supporting associations and projects that bring people together in new ways and build bridges between civil society and industry.

In 2016, the projects supported by the Tuborg Foundation include the business mentoring scheme “Smash youth unemployment” (“Bryd unges ledighed”), where voluntary business leaders advise young people on making career choices and accessing the job market. The Tuborg Foundation is also a partner of Night Owls (Natteravnene), whose volunteers help and support young people when they are out and about at night. The Tuborg Foundation is also supporting a project developed by the Copenhagen Opera Festival in which former opera singers voluntarily visit schools and institutions all over Denmark to teach children and young people the techniques of opera singing.

Like the Carlsberg Foundation, the Tuborg Foundation has a socially beneficial objective. Its strategic focus is volunteering, and it supports associations, organisations and initiatives that involve and engage passionate volunteers who make a difference.

The Tuborg Foundation works to enable civil voluntary communities to develop and revitalise themselves, aiming to inspire even more people to join communities that make a difference.

The Tuborg Foundation also supports projects that bring industry and civil society closer together ‒ projects that make it easier for companies to interact with voluntary associations and organisations. This focus is consistent with the original vision of J.C. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Foundation, to give back to society and thus support civil society. In this way, the Carlsberg Foundation and the Tuborg Foundation complement one another.

Each year, the Tuborg Foundation awards grants worth DKK 25-30m.

The theatre association ’Mastodonterne’ has since 1988 performed a wide range of musical classics for children and adults. All members of the association participate on a voluntary basis, and there is plenty of room to explore and develop your talents, whether it is on stage or one of the many features behind the scenes. With support from the Tuborg Foundation, the association was in 2015 able to upgrade their audio equipment, so the theatre association can continue to deliver sensational theatre experiences.

What the Tuborg Foundation supports

With volunteering as its focus, the Tuborg Foundation supports activities within the following seven categories. Specific examples are given for each category.

Events where music brings people together. Instruments for an association orchestra, a stage for a festival, or prizes for composers, song-writers and passionate musicians who make a difference.

Training of voluntary leaders and coaches. Equipment for associations that aim to promote new types of sport such as skateboarding and other street sports.

Sustainability and environment
Initiatives with the objective of making Denmark more sustainable and environmentally sound.

Education and industry
Student associations and mentoring schemes where knowledge sharing plays a central role.

Studies and research aimed at identifying and developing new ways of performing voluntary work.

Dramatic art
Staging of theatrical performances by volunteers. Upgrading of stages and equipment for voluntary theatre.

Social initiatives
Activities with the aim of making life better for deprived people, especially children and young people.

The Foundation does not support individuals, study trips, building and management costs, or commercial enterprises.

Ungdomsbureauet (’The Youth Bureau’) works to create a platform where young people, regardless of background or education, can engage in public debate and policy-making processes. In September 2016 the non-profit organisation invites people to the ’Youth People's Meeting’ - Denmark's new democracy arena - in Søndermarken in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event is supported by the Tuborg Foundation.

The Foundation does not support individuals, study trips, building and management costs, or commercial enterprises.

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