Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford

Application guidelines

Two-year postdoctoral visiting fellowships at the University of Oxford.


1 October at 4 pm.

The aim of these visiting fellowships is to provide the most promising Danish research talents with experience from an elite institution which they can later apply in Denmark to the benefit of Danish research and their own future career.

The Foundation is in discussion with The Queen’s College, Oxford, about making arrangements for successful candidates, irrespective of the collegial or departmental association of their supervisor, to be given the opportunity to become associate members of the Middle Common Room of the College and contribute to the academic excellence of the College. This would give them the right to attend seminars and access the unique facilities of The Queen’s College, such as the library, choir, meals (at their own cost), gym and sports.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the Carlsberg Foundation as soon as possible for assistance to identify a suitable research group or environment at University of Oxford.

To be eligible to apply for a Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellowship at University of Oxford, the applicant must hold a PhD or must have submitted the PhD thesis before 1 October. Applicants with more than five years of experience since obtaining their PhD degree are not eligible. Any periods of leave will be accepted as extensions of this time limit (maternity leave, parental leave, sick or family care leave, military service, humanitarian aid work, etc.).

The Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford are not awarded to PhDs without any previous strong connection to Denmark or Danish research.

If, at the time of application, the applicant has not yet obtained a PhD degree, a copy of the assessment of the PhD thesis must be submitted to the Carlsberg Foundation by e-mail ( no later than 14 November at noon.

The Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford are generally tax-free in Denmark, and amount to:

DKK 350,000 per year, if the grant holder is travelling without children

DKK 425,000 per year, if the grant holder is travelling with children.

Application requirements:

The application must be submitted through Webfond (application system)

The following appendices must be uploaded with the application in pdf format (please note that other formats are not accepted):

  • Project description
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications
  • Budget
  • Recommendations
  • Housing commitment from the hosting institution

Project description
The project description must not exceed two A4 pages (all included).

Curriculum Vitae
The CV (with photo if possible) must not exceed three A4 pages.

List of publications

A budget for the amount applied for must be provided by filling in the Carlsberg Foundation budget template.

Housing commitment from the hosting institution
The applicant must submit a confirmation from the hosting institution that it will provide adequate workplace facilities during the stay.