About Carlsberg Mindelegat

Carlsberg Mindelegat promotes knowledge, popular education and general interest in science and research by supporting scientists’ communication of their own research to non-scientific target groups.

Carlsberg Mindelegat (the Carlsberg Bequest to the Memory of Brewer J. C. Jacobsen) was established by the Carlsberg Foundation on 1 October 1938 on the 50th anniversary of J.C. Jacobsen’s transfer of the Carlsberg Brewery to the Foundation.

From 2023, Carlsberg Mindelegat has been supporting projects that promote the communication and understanding of basic science and its importance in society. Through half-yearly calls, Carlsberg Mindelegat is open to applications from scientists wishing to communicate their own research. The target group for the communication projects is the general population, from children and young people in primary and lower-secondary education and upwards.

Carlsberg Mindelegat is administered by the Carlsberg Foundation. The Carlsberg Mindelegat’s board comprises the members of the Carlsberg Foundation’s board plus a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters appointed by the Academy’s President. The board assesses applications based on recommendations from an assessment panel.

Read the application guidelines for the Carlsberg Mindelegat