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Carlsberg Mindelegat

Application guidelines

Support for researchers’ communication of their own research to promote popular education and general interest in basic research and basic science. Carlsberg Mindelegat wants to promote collaborations between researchers and professional communicators in order to strengthen research and the position of science in society and in public conversation and debate.

Deadline: 1 September 2024, 16.00


Carlsberg Mindelegat wants to:

  • Support communication of basic research and science to non-scientific audiences
  • Support researchers’ communication of their own research
  • Strengthen the communication skills of researchers and contribute to a steady increase in the participation of researchers in public conversation and debate
  • Promote relationships and collaboration between researchers and professional communicators
  • Increase public interest in, and curiosity about, science, scientific themes and current research
  • Strengthen awareness of, and confidence in, reliable scientific sources, partly with a view to countering misinformation with fact-based knowledge

Who can apply

Carlsberg Mindelegat is open to applications from researchers with an affiliation to a Danish research institution.

Applicants must as a minimum have a PhD.

It is not a requirement that the applicant’s research is, or has been, supported by the Carlsberg Foundation.

What can be applied for

Communication projects for a period of maximum two years with an application amount of DKK 50,000-200,000.

The project can be independently defined or form part of a larger project, and the project may be co-financed with funds from another party.

The project must involve the communication of basic research or basic science. Basic research is understood as curiosity-driven experimental or theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge of the underlying foundations of phenomena and observable facts. Carlsberg Mindelegat does not support communication of clinical health-scientific research. 

The project must take its starting point in the applicant’s own research and research field.

The project must involve collaboration with professional communicators with documented experience of e.g. journalism or media production.

Funding is given for

  • Costs associated with the production of communication content
  • Payment of professional communicators and any student assistants
  • Costs associated with the development of communication platforms
  • Costs associated with the communication and distribution of the project, including making the project accessible free of charge on payment platforms

Funding is not given for

  • Projects with an applied scientific focus
  • Purely commercial purposes
  • Research publications and teaching materials
  • Holding of, or participation in, conferences and courses
  • Citizen Science projects
  • Information and recruitment campaigns
  • Buy-out of the applicant or other researchers

Audiences and accessibility

The project must be aimed at non-scientific audience primarily in Denmark: the wider population, from children and young people in primary and lower-secondary education and upwards.

The project’s principal communication must be accessible to all interested parties free of charge such as subscriptions, paywalls or entrance fees. Distribution via libraries, including book loans, eReolen and Filmstriben, is regarded as a supplement to the requirement for free access.

The communication must be freely accessible from the time it is published.

The communication may be in Danish or a foreign language, but it must be linguistically accessible to a broad audience in Denmark.

Communication formats

The project may be based on any type of communication format (or multiple types), including TV and radio productions, podcasts, new science journalism initiatives, festivals, lectures and debates, animations, publications and SoMe productions.

Start date for projects

Spring call with application deadline 1 March: 

  • The earliest start date is 1 August and the latest start date is 1 January of the following year 

Autumn call with application deadline 1 September: 

  • The earliest start date is 1 January and the latest start date is 1 September of the following year

Application requirements

The application must be submitted via the Carlsberg Foundation’s application and grant management system (CF-Grant)

Failure to comply with the following requirements will result in an administrative rejection of the application:

The application must be written in either Danish or English using Times New Roman, font size 12, margins on the left, right, top and bottom of at least 2 cm and line spacing of 1.5. The following documents, and only these, must be uploaded with the application in PDF format (please note that other formats are not accepted): 

Required documents:

  • Project description
  • Budget
  • CV

If relevant for the application:

  • CVs of collaboration partners
  • Declarations of commitment

Project description
The project description must not exceed three A4 pages (including photos, figures, tables, etc.).

The project description must include the following in the given order:

  • Summary of the project’s purpose, theme and format
  • Description of the project, including collaboration partners, audiences and accessibility (platform, media or similar)
  • Production plan
  • Distribution plan

An itemised budget for the amount applied for must be uploaded using Carlsberg Mindelegat’s budget template, including a description of the budget items. The budget should include an estimate of any revenues connected with the project set off against the amount applied for.

Curriculum vitae
The applicant’s CV must not exceed two A4 pages. 

Curriculum vitae for collaboration partners
Any CVs of collaboration partners must not exceed one A4 page per partner, and can be uploaded as additional appendices.

Declarations of commitment
Any declarations of commitment from external collaboration partners and distributors should be attached to the application as additional appendices.

The Carlsberg Foundation reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the guidelines.

Read about the assessment criteria

Carlsberg Mindelegat is an independent grant administered by the Carlsberg Foundation

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