Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowships

Application guidelines


1 October at 4 pm.

The Carlsberg Foundation offers a number of three-year fellowships for newly appointed associate professors with international experience to establish an independent research group, including the acquisition of research infrastructure (equipment, register data, etc.) and the formation of national/international networks.

As part of the Carlsberg Foundation’s new strategy, the Foundation wishes to contribute to an improved gender balance in Danish research. Consequently, the Foundation urges grant holders to ensure that both genders are represented when receiving applications for PhD and postdoc positions.

At the time of application, the applicant cannot be more than two years into her/his tenured associate professorship position. Any periods of leave will be accepted as extensions of this time limit (maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, illness, military service, etc.). Exact employment date must therefore be specified in the CV.

The applicant can apply for up to DKK 5 million.

The budget may cover salaries for postdocs and PhD students, and it is required that enrolment of the PhD students at a Danish 'PhD graduate school' is guaranteed.

The budget may also include up to a total of three months of salary for the main applicant for project management.

Application requirements:

The application must be submitted through Webfond (application system).

The following appendices must be uploaded with the application in pdf format (please note that other formats are not accepted):

  • Project description
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications
  • Budget
  • Short description of the research group and its organization
  • If relevant: Salary budget
  • If relevant: Quotes on instruments, register data, etc.
  • If relevant: National/international Network

Project description
The project description must not exceed two A4 pages.

Curriculum Vitae
The CV (with photo if possible) must not exceed three A4 pages.

List of publications
Senior researchers are asked to list publications from the last five years.

A budget for the amount applied for must be provided by filling in the Carlsberg Foundation budget template.

Short description of the research group and its organization
The applicant must submit a short description of the research group and its organization.

If relevant: Salary budget
Along with the budget, please attach a separate salary confirmation signed by the host institution, certifying the accuracy of the salary applied for.

If relevant: Quotes on instruments, register data, etc.
Quotes on instruments, register data, etc., should be attached to the application.

If relevant: National/international Network
A specification of proposed activities (such as travels, meetings, symposia, conferences, etc.) and their costs in relation to establishing a national and/or international research network.