Til bevillingsoversigt

The interface between ecology, evolution and development based on large-scale genomics

The Carlsberg Foundation’s Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowships


We anticipate this project will enable us to add novel angles to understanding interrelations between environmental change and overall biodiversity and distribution patterns of birds or ants, which will facilitate predicting the effects of ongoing climate change, the spread and impact of invasive species, and habitat alteration.


How the environmental factors influence on the short-term and long-term evolution of animal is a fundamental question in understanding how the biodiversity functions.


In this project, I will perform large-scale comparative genomic analyses for birds and ants, two of the most successful animal lineages worldwide that occupy all the major ecological niches on land. The project is expected to: 1) reveal some of the most fundamental ways in which environmental factors have shaped animal genome evolution; 2) understand the role of microbial symbiogenesis as a force in animal evolution; 3) uncover general patterns of environmental influences on developmental plasticity in individual ants and birds.