The Carlsberg Foundation’s Conferences

Every year, the Carlsberg Foundation hosts a number of conferences, each centred on a major research project funded by the Foundation. The purpose of the conferences is to take the research to a wider public and provide a place for debate.

The conferences bring together acclaimed leading researchers from Denmark and abroad at the Carlsberg Academy, where Brewer J.C. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Foundation, once hosted similar conferences.

In the beautiful facilities of the Carlsberg Academy, the researchers present scientific results within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. They are joined by decision-makers and opinion-formers who, based on scientific presentations, debate the research and place it in a political and/or commercial context.

The Carlsberg Foundation is keen to support research that can help overcome the major social challenges facing today’s world while at the same time qualifying the public debate so that it can proceed on a scientific basis. The conferences thus disseminate, explore and give perspective to research results.

The conferences are videoed and posted on the Carlsberg Foundation’s website and YouTube channel in order to maximise knowledge sharing. See videos here

Conference at the Carlsberg Academy – Pompeii Hall