Communications and publications guidelines

Communicating your research

The Carlsberg Foundation wishes to disseminate scientific knowledge to the general public. We are therefore happy to receive information from our grant holders when significant research results suited for dissemination are published in books or scientific journals. Relevant information such as abstract, article, monograph, press material etc. can be sent to The foundation will then – based on our formats, platforms, and target groups - assess whether the results are suitable for dissemination.


In interviews with journalists and contact with the media about your research, we encourage you to state that your research is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Furthermore, it should preferably be clearly stated in all peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings, monographs etc. that your research is funded by the foundation. This is done by adding the following statement to the Acknowledgments: “The work presented here is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation, grant CF00-0000”.

When referring to the Carlsberg Foundation, you should be particularly aware of the following:

  • The Foundation’s name in Danish is “Carlsbergfondet” (not “Carlsbergfonden”)
  • The Foundation’s name in English is “the Carlsberg Foundation”
  • The Foundation funds, supports or awards – it does NOT sponsor or donate

The Carlsberg Foundation’s logo

The Carlsberg Foundation’s logo should preferably be used in all presentations of your research and in scientific publications if possible.

Download Danish and English versions of the Carlsberg Foundation’s logo pack

The logo can be downloaded for either dark or light backgrounds.

The PANTONE number for the green colour is 5535.

The following standard text can be used in presentations of the Foundation:

The Carlsberg Foundation is an industrial foundation that supports basic scientific research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities conducted by Danish researchers and international researchers connected to Danish research environments.

The funds for awards mainly come from the profits of Carlsberg A/S, in which the Carlsberg Foundation has a controlling interest. The Carlsberg Foundation was founded by Brewer J.C. Jacobsen in 1876.