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The Carlsberg Foundation Annual Review 2020 comes out in English

For the first time since 1974, the Carlsberg Foundation Annual Review comes out in English. Dive into readable articles written by the researchers that briefly and concisely introduce the broad spectrum of research supported by the foundation.

Since it was founded in 1876, the Carlsberg Foundation’s main purpose has been to support a wide range of basic research activities in Denmark and internationally. The research activities range widely from humanities to social and natural science projects and reflect the great academic diversity which the foundation, through its grants, continuously wishes to support.

Tradition and renewal

The Carlsberg Foundation has published an Annual Review since 1974, describing the many ground- breaking research activities supported by the foundation. For the first time, we also publish the Annual Review in English, thus presenting a broad range of important research activities and ground-breaking knowledge for our English-speaking audience.

In accordance with this years’ Danish version we have decided to follow a new path and present the annual review in an interactive, digital format, enabling us to provide a perspective on the researchers’ well-written articles through podcast conversations and explainer videos among others.

“New times offer new opportunities and make new demands. When considering the dissemination of research that goes beyond the published peer-reviewed research articles in international scientific journals, the digital platforms become more and more important. This year, we have therefore chosen to produce a fully digital annual review in Danish as well as English. I hope many people - both Danish and English speaking - with an interest in research and science will read the well-written contributions and benefit from the new digital format,” says Professor Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation.

In 2020 we have experienced first-hand that the importance of research can hardly be overestimated. The corona crisis has shown how vulnerable we are and how extensive and important a role science plays for all of us.

“The Carlsberg Foundation's most important task is to support science and provide the best conditions for the best researchers, to create new insights for the benefit of us all. Therefore, the foundation has in 2020 granted more than DKK 70 million to corona-related research within natural sciences, the humanities, and social science. I am pleased that we can present several articles, podcasts and STAY CURIOUS films in the annual review, which provide a deeper insight into the researchers' work in beating the corona virus and the consequences of its pandemic spread for our society. ”

Funerary portraits, international courts, Covid-19 vaccine

In the Carlsberg Foundation Annual Review, you can read about, among others

-          the development of vaccine and antiviral drugs against Covid-19

-          genetic studies of past domesticated rice varieties

-          the interaction between ocean ecosystems and the global carbon balance

-          Palmyric funerary portraits

-          studies of disease-causing pathogens from the plague to the present day.

The annual review also includes two articles about the past year’s activities of the Tuborg Foundation and Frederiksborg Museum of Natural History, two other members of the Carlsberg Family. Furthermore, you can read an article about the Carlsberg Research Laboratory's targeted work on innovation and research in beer.

About the Carlsberg Foundation

The Carlsberg Foundation is one of Denmark’s largest industrial foundations. The foundation has two main objectives: Through a controlling shareholding to ensure the value creation in the brewery Carlsberg A/S and to give back the dividends from the Carlsberg Foundation’s shares in Carlsberg A/S to excellent Danish basic research within natural science, social science and the humanities.

The vision of the Carlsberg Foundation is to brew knowledge for an enlightened future. In 2019 the Carlsberg Foundation granted DKK 467 million to basic research.

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