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The Carlsberg Foundation announces Call for Applications 2021

The Carlsberg Foundation Call for Applications 2021 offers several instruments to support groundbreaking research ideas, promote internationalisation of Danish research and contribute to creating better career opportunities for the young generation of researchers at Danish and international universities. From 2022 the Carlsberg Foundation will announce two annual calls for postdoctoral fellowships with application deadline 1 April and 1 October.

With the Call for Applications 2021, the Carlsberg Foundation encourages applications for basic research activities at a high international level within natural science, the humanities and social science. In accordance with its strategy 2019-2023, the Carlsberg Foundation wishes to promote talent development in Danish research as well as provide the opportunity for young researchers to travel abroad and gain crucial experience in international elite research environments.

Furthermore, the foundation will prioritise funding for newly appointed tenured associate professors as well as for the writing and publication of a groundbreaking monograph or advanced Danish doctoral dissertation. The foundation will also allocate funding for research infrastructure, which can often be crucial to obtaining unique research findings.

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The application deadline is 1 October at 4 pm.

Continued focus on young researchers

Like in previous years, the Call for Applications 2021 offers several instruments targeted at young researchers at postdoc level, such as two-year postdoctoral internationalisation fellowships for a research stay at a leading international institution and two-year postdoctoral Visiting Fellowships at the University of Oxford. Furthermore, two-year reintegration fellowships are offered to young researchers subsequent to an internationalisation fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation or an otherwise funded research stay abroad. These fellowships will provide the opportunity for young researchers to become established as independent researchers.

“I am very pleased that the Carlsberg Foundation has decided to continue the efforts to strengthen talent development and the internationalisation of Danish research in line with the strategy of the foundation. I am particularly pleased that we are continuing the collaboration with University of Oxford, one of the world’s leading elite universities. Not least, because it has proven to help support young researchers on their path to a research career which is beneficial to Danish research. We have recently conducted a survey of the career of our postdoc grant holders from 2005 to 2017. The numbers show that today 65 per cent are employed in tenured positions at a university or in the private or public sector in Denmark or abroad”, states Professor Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation.

Two annual calls for postdocs

From 2022 the Carlsberg Foundation will announce two annual calls for the internationalisation fellowships and the Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford with application deadline 1 April and 1 October.

“I am very happy that we can now accommodate a great request from the young research talents by announcing our postdoc fellowships twice a year. We are making this change, as many PhD students submit their PhD thesis around 1 September, which makes it difficult for them to apply for postdoc funding by the application deadline of 1 October. Two annual calls will provide greater flexibility for the young researchers often on temporary employment contracts and having difficulty in planning a year ahead”, states Flemming Besenbacher.

Grants for established researchers

In addition to funding at postdoc level, the Carlsberg Foundation also offers funding to the associate professor and professor level within Danish research. Thus, newly appointed tenured associate professors can apply for the instrument Young Researcher Fellowship to improve their opportunity to create an independent research group and form national and international research networks.

Furthermore, the foundation offers one-year full-time fellowships for leading, visionary researchers within the humanities or social sciences with a project aimed at producing a ground-breaking monograph or advanced Danish doctoral dissertation. 

The Call for Applications 2021 also includes the instruments research infrastructure which supports the procurement of research infrastructure, i.e. the purchase of equipment, register data and databases, as well as field trips abroad with a budget exceeding DKK 100,000.

Please note that the instruments publication, conferences and field trips/research stays abroad with a budget not exceeding DKK 100,000 can be applied for throughout the year under the continuous call.

All qualified researchers are encouraged to apply

The board of the Carlsberg Foundation makes the final decision on all applications submitted to the foundation. In the evaluation of applications, the board favours new visionary research projects with high potential.

The Carlsberg Foundation is focused on promoting gender diversity in Danish research and thus invites all qualified researchers to apply, encouraging in particular qualified female researchers to do so. In the long term, the Carlsberg Foundation aims to achieve a qualified equal gender distribution among its grantees.

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