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Carlsberg Foundation’s Call for Applications 2019 includes new elite programme at University of Oxford

The Carlsberg Foundation has issued its Call for Applications 2019, including a new elite postdoc programme at the University of Oxford as well as reintegration fellowships for postdocs who have been working at a foreign research institution and want to return to Denmark to continue their careers at a Danish university.

At the Carlsberg Foundation, we brew knowledge for an enlightened future. With our Call for Applications 2019, we want to continue contributing to outstanding research, at both Danish and foreign universities, conducted at all levels of the research food chain. In line with our international vision, our aim is to send talented young researchers out into the world to high-ranking universities and then reintegrate them into Danish universities. In this way, we are helping to form the next generation of elite researchers and promote generational change at Danish universities.

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New elite postdoc programme at the University of Oxford

As a new initiative in the Call for Applications 2019, the Carlsberg Foundation has established an elite postdoc programme that will give a number of outstanding young Danish postdocs the opportunity to carry out research and further their skills at the University of Oxford. The aim is to enable particularly promising Danish postdocs to gain unique research experience at one of the world’s leading elite universities. Experience that they will later bring back to Denmark for the benefit of their own career progression at the Danish universities.

“On several occasions, the Carlsberg Foundation has advocated for the creation of a small number of elite research universities in Denmark, but we recognise that there is still some way to go before we get there,” says Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Carlsberg Foundation. “I’m therefore delighted that we’ve now launched an elite programme in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The programme is aimed at particularly promising talents, who will have the opportunity to go out into an international elite research environment and try out their research there. The network and experiences they acquire there will be of crucial importance when they return home and establish their own research groups in Denmark.

Fellowships for reintegrating Danish research

Another new initiative in the Call for Applications 2019 is a number of reintegration fellowships for postdocs who have been working at foreign research institutions and want to return home to continue their careers at a Danish university. The fellowships are intended for researchers who have benefited from an internationalisation fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation or other private or public funding for a research post abroad.

“We know it’s a big challenge for young researchers who’ve been on a research posting abroad when they have to return home and re-establish themselves in the Danish research environment. Our aim with the new reintegration fellowships is to give the best and most visionary young researchers returning home better opportunities to establish independent activity at a Danish university,” Flemming Besenbacher continues.

Research funding for all steps of the career ladder

The Carlsberg Foundation still gives high priority to supporting ground-breaking research, internationalisation of Danish talent, and talent development and generational change in Danish research. During the evaluation process, the Foundation will generally conduct a holistic assessment of the individual applicants and consider new visionary research projects with high potential.

The Carlsberg Foundation values diversity in research and therefore invites all researchers, regardless of gender, to apply for research funding.

  • The following types of fellowship are included in the Call for Applications 2019:
  • Internationalisation fellowships for postdocs to work at foreign research institutions
  • Visiting fellowships for postdocs to conduct research at the University of Oxford
  • Reintegration fellowships for postdocs returning from abroad to work at Danish universities
  • Young researcher fellowships for newly appointed associate professors or tenure-track assistant professors with international experience to establish an independent research group
  • Monograph fellowships for leading established researchers with a Semper Ardens (passionate, always burning) approach to their research

The Carlsberg Foundation also supports research infrastructure, equipment, register data, databases, field studies, publishing and conferences. Please note that conferences are no longer part of the annual Call for Applications, but related applications may be submitted at any time.

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