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The Carlsberg Foundation offers research funds together with VolkswagenStiftung and Compagnia di San Paolo

Together with German research foundation VolkswagenStiftung and Italian Compagnia di San Paolo, the Carlsberg Foundation announces the call “Challenges for Europe”. The call offers funding for researchers within social sciences and the humanities aiming to explore long term perspectives for the challenges of the European continent and the European Union.

For some years now, Europe has been faced with serious challenges which have created problems among the European states. Among the challenges are financial crisis, social inequality, migration, populism and nationalism, erosion of democracy, disinformation, terrorism, and cyber security. The European Union, particularly, is challenged by the development, which presents a threat to both operational capacity and cohesion among member states.

On this background, the Carlsberg Foundation together with the German “VolkswagenStiftung” and the Italian “Compagnia di San Paolo”, offers research funds for studies of the fundamental questions and challenges referring to Europe and the European Union.

“I am pleased that the Carlsberg Foundation for the first time ever collaborates with other international foundations to solve bigger social problems through excellent science. From the Carlsberg Foundation point of view, we see an urgent need to gain more insight into the mechanisms behind the many challenges of Europe and the European Union. Inevitably, these challenges spread across national borders, for which reason it is an obvious choice to offer funding for research within these areas together with other European foundations. At the same time, these projects will contribute to further internationalisation of the Danish humanistic and social scientific research,” says Flemming Besenbacher on the Carlsberg Foundation’s decision to offer research funds with VolkswagenStiftung and Compagnia di San Paolo.

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Application procedure

The allocated funds for “Challenges for Europe” will be distributed to research consortia composed of a maximum of five “Principal Investigators” (PI’s) from at least three different European countries. Researchers affiliated with European universities and research institutions are eligible to apply. Projects can last maximally four years with a maximum budget of € 1,000,000 per project.

The application process will comprise two stages. On December 13, 2018, until midnight (CET), expressions of interest can be submitted (in English). After the deadline, a group of international experts will draw up a list of research groups, which, by June 2019, will be invited to present and defend the actual project proposal to the experts appointed to evaluate the applications.

Expressions of interest and applications must be submitted via the electronic application system of VolkswagenStiftung.

Who can apply?

The call, “Challenges for Europe” is directed at researchers within social sciences, cultural sciences, and the humanities. The main applicant must come from one of the three countries to announce the call: Denmark, Germany, or Italy. Cooperation with Southern- or Eastern Europe is particularly desirable. It will also be considered a plus to involve junior researchers in the research projects.

Further information and contact:

Further information on the Carlsberg Foundation’s part in the call “Challenges for Europe”:
Peter Thostrup, Head of Secretariat at the Carlsberg Foundation,

Questions about the call and application process can be directed at:
Ms. Cora Schaffert-Ziegenbalg, Program Director at the VolkswagenStiftung,

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