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The Carlsberg Foundation supports emergency production of ethanol with DKK 8.7 million

The Carlsberg Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation donate a total of DKK 17.5 million to emergency production of ethanol for disinfectants during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that there is sufficient ethanol for disinfectants in Denmark.

The world market for the supply of several key components to the healthcare sector and society during the COVID-19 crisis is under pressure. Denmark therefore needs to increase its own production in several areas in order to get through the crisis safely and quickly. Ethanol to produce disinfectants is one such product, and the need for ethanol will grow further as society gradually returns to normal.

The Carlsberg Foundation therefore joins the Novo Nordisk Foundation with a DKK 8.7 million donation to ensure emergency production of ethanol, which can be used in disinfectants such as hand-sanitizer.

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A temporary consortium will be set up consisting of Carlsberg, Ørsted, Ree Holding and the national police operational staff (NOST); NOST assembles in the event of major crises and incidents in Denmark. The parties will jointly establish national ethanol production for the Danish hospitals and the healthcare sector.

The production of ethanol will take place at Ørsted's former demonstration plant for second-generation bioethanol production.

As part of the consortium, Carlsberg has agreed to restructure a large part of its production in Fredericia to supply the alcohol base to the plant. Ten tankers will operate 24 hours a day to supply 1.4 million liters of alcohol base per week to keep the plant running. The first tankers were dispatched Thursday 9th April.

Chairman of the Board of Carlsberg Foundation and Carlsberg Group, Professor Flemming Besenbacher, says:

“It is in the DNA of the Carlsberg Foundation to give back to society. Historically, the foundation has stepped up and provided support during times of crisis. I am therefore very pleased that we can step up again together with the Novo Nordisk Foundation and Carlsberg Group, Ørsted and Ree Holding. In order to be able to reopen Danish society, it is crucial that we have sufficient quantities of hand sanitizer available to the public. I hope this emergency production can ensure that society slowly reopens in an orderly manner and limits the spread of infection going forward. I would also like to thank the many Carlsberg employees whose great efforts have made this possible”.

The Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, also expresses full support to the project: “As Minister, I am incredibly proud to see how Danish companies work together, take responsibility and help society when needed. We are in a situation that requires extraordinary measures and new cross-cutting collaborations to solve our challenges. I think this is a great example of what the Danish society can accomplish. This collaboration will create a product that is highly needed right now.”

About the Carlsberg Foundation

The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the world's oldest industrial foundations. The foundation has two main objectives: to secure value creation in the brewery Carlsberg A/S through its controlling interest, and to distribute the dividend from the Carlsberg Foundation shares in Carlsberg A/S to excellent Danish basic research within natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

It is the vision of the Carlsberg Foundation to brew knowledge for an enlightened future. In 2019, the Carlsberg Foundation awarded DKK 467 million to basic research, and in March 2020, the Carlsberg Foundation, the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Tuborg Foundation awarded extraordinary grants for a total of DKK 95 million to research, art museums and civil society as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Carlsberg foundations allocate DKK 95 million to accelerate efforts against COVID-19

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