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Flemming Besenbacher receives The Circulars Award for circular economy leadership 2019

On Monday evening in Davos, Switzerland, the Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and Carlsberg A/S, Professor Flemming Besenbacher, received The Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership 2019.

According to the Circular Judges 2019, an esteemed judging panel drawn from the Young Global Leader community and leading experts across business and civil society, Professor Flemming Besenbacher receives the prize for his tremendous engagement in driving circular policy in Denmark and beyond.

On receiving the prestigious award, Flemming Besenbacher states:

“I am truly honored to receive The Circulars Leadership Award. I believe that everyone can help create a more sustainable world, and that is simply what I am trying to do through the privileged platforms I have. I hope to inspire companies, governments and individuals both in Denmark and internationally to embrace circular economy. My aim is that we grasp the huge potential that the circular economy represents to create a more sustainable world. My motto is always to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.”

In their motivation for awarding Professor Besenbacher, the Circular Judges 2019 said:

“Professor Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Danish government’s Advisory Board for Circular Economy is the Winner of The Award for Circular Economy Leadership for his inspirational leadership in driving circular policy in Denmark and beyond. Through his role as Chairman of Carlsberg Group and the Carlsberg Foundation, he has succeeded in applying circular thinking to Carlsberg’s operations, delivering significant, quantifiable circular results.”

About the Circulars

Flemming Besenbacher was chosen as Circular Economy Leadership award winner 2019 among five finalists.

The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, run in collaboration with Accenture Strategy, is the world’s premier circular economy award program. The award offers recognition to individuals and organizations across the globe that are making notable contributions to the circular economy in the private sector, public sector, and society.

The annual awards are hosted at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos. Last year’s winner of the prestigious Circular Economy Leadership award was Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips, the leading Dutch health technology company.

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Flemming Besenbacher’s leadership within the field of circular economy

Flemming Besenbacher was appointed Chairman of the Danish government’s Advisory Board for Circular Economy, which in 2017 handed over a report with 27 recommendations to the government. These recommendations have now been converted into a Danish Strategy for circular economy. As Chairman of the Advisory Board, Flemming Besenbacher exhibited strong leadership and played a decisive role in setting concrete goals for Danish companies, municipalities, and organizations for a transition towards circular economy. Flemming Besenbacher stresses the importance of placing circular economy within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and leveraging the momentum of these. He wants everyone to understand the interconnection between the SDGs and that no challenge can be seen as isolated. One must take a broad, long-term perspective. This view is fundamental to the development of durable circular innovation.

As Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Flemming Besenbacher has been a driving force in providing financial support to research projects with clear circular economy aspects, such as the development of a green national budget, which sets out to create an environmental economic model for Danish economy that can shed light on both the environmental and economic impact of policy changes to enable politicians to include environment considerations when developing economic policy. Furthermore, as Chairman of Carlsberg A/S, Flemming Besenbacher has endorsed Carlsberg’s sustainability program, which is very well aligned with Carlsberg’s purpose: “Brewing for a better today and tomorrow”.

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