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The Carlsberg Foundation gives DKK 4M to new Danish Cultural Institute in India

Denmark is increasing its presence in India by opening a new cultural institute in New Delhi. The Carlsberg Foundation grants DKK 4M to financing of the initiative, which i.a. is going to strengthen the cultural and scientific relations between Denmark and India.

The Danish Cultural Institute, which i.a. will aim to support Danish art, communication, research, and education, cooperates with the Carlsberg Foundation on the establishment of the institute. Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and Carlsberg A/S, Flemming Besenbacher, states:

“The foremost purpose of the Carlsberg Foundation is to support excellent basic research within natural science, the humanities, and social sciences. Therefore, the foundation has decided to grant DKK 4M for the financing of a new cultural institute in India, which will contribute by strengthening the cultural and scientific bonds between Denmark and India. There are already good scientific relations between Denmark and India, and with the establishment of a new institute in New Delhi they will become even better. Moreover, both the Carlsberg Foundation and Carlsberg A/S are very preoccupied with furthering sustainable development, which is something a cultural institute will also contribute to.”

A cultural boost

Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who today, Tuesday, is meeting with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in Stockholm, says to Ritzau:

"India's global role is significant, both politically, economically and culturally. The establishment of a cultural institute will strengthen Denmark's visibility in India and help boost the cultural and interpersonal relations between India and Denmark.”

A Danish Cultural Institute will only be the second of its kind in Asia and will contribute to the strengthening of interpersonal, cultural, and scientific relations to the largest democracy of the world.

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