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The Carlsberg Foundation grants DKK 200 million to new Semper Ardens projects

13 prominent researchers are granted a Semper Ardens research project by the Carlsberg Foundation. The grants are intended to foster scientific breakthroughs, ensure Denmark’s leading role in international top-level research and contribute to solving global challenges.

Semper Ardens means “passionate, always burning.” The motto has been a common denominator in the Carlsberg Foundation’s pursuit for perfection in its service to Danish research since the establishment of the foundation in 1876. The 13 new Semper Ardens research projects funded by DKK 200 million from the Carlsberg Foundation are all led by a passionate and always burning scientist with visionary research ideas. The research projects represent the highest scientific level and have the potential to create groundbreaking results. All grant recipients are internationally recognized top researchers with a connection to the Danish research environment.

“It is a great pleasure to kick off these 13 new Semper Ardens projects, which will expand our knowledge on important issues crucial to the life we live and our possibilities to improve the world we live in. I have great expectations to the ways in which these projects will make us all smarter and contribute to solving some of the grand challenges of the world. I am convinced that these new Semper Ardens researchers will bring about new, groundbreaking results, worthy of international attention,” says the Carlsberg Foundation chairman, Flemming Besenbacher.

Anti-matter, climate resistant crops, and former life of the Danes

The Semper Ardens-projects include basic scientific studies of anti-matter, research into climate resistant crops, and building a database of the life of Danes, dating back to the eighteenth century.

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Read about the new Semper Ardens-researchers and their projects

Jeffrey S. Hangst - ’The ALPHA-3 Project’

Michael Broberg Palmgren - ’Raising quinoa: an orphan crop that is healthy and ready for a changing climate’

Dan Zahavi - ’Who are we?’

Andreas Roepstorff og Olafur Eliasson - ‘Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting. Art and Science at work in the public realm’

Martin Bizzarro - ‘The formation history and early habitability of Mars – did life in our Solar System first occur on Mars?’

Matthew Collins - ‘ArchHives: Biomolecular Records from Medival Beeswax’

Jens Leth Hougaard - ‘Center for Blockchains and Electronic Markets’

Bjarne Grønnow - ‘Activating Arctic Heritage: Exploring UNESCO World Heritage in Greenland’

Troels Skrydstrup - ’The Science of Breaking Strong Chemical Bonds’

Anne Løkke - ’Link-Lives: Historical Big Data’

Michael Bang Petersen - ’ROPH: Center for Research on Online Political Hostility’

Marcus Thomas Pius Gilbert - ‘The population genomic consequences of the second plague pandemic’

Thomas Pohl - ‘Quantum Control of Light’

85 researchers applied for a Semper Ardens grant

The Carlsberg Foundation received 85 expressions of interest in response to the call for 2018. All new Semper Ardens grant recipients have presented their project to the board of the Carlsberg Foundation.

The Semper Ardens grants have a grant period of up to five years. Several of the projects are cross-disciplinary.

For further information and contact with the new Semper Ardens researchers, please contact Head of Public Relations, Jane Benarroch, phone 3164 0010, or

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