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The Carlsberg Foundation grants DKK 200 million to visionary research

The Carlsberg Foundation awards research grants to 134 excellent researchers. The grants are awarded to young researchers moving ahead in their career and to young newly appointed Associate Professors with exceptional visionary research ideas and research projects. The Carlsberg Foundation has thus allocated a total of DKK 400 million to Danish basic research in 2019.

With grants of DKK 204 million within natural science, the humanities and social science, the Carlsberg Foundation launches research activities of the highest calibre, which all originate from the researchers’ own visionary, creative ideas. The grants are awarded in open competition based on applications received during the Carlsberg Foundation Call for Applications 2019.

“Our priorities are in line with the foundation strategy, which aims to strengthen Danish basic research, ensure the next generation at Danish universities through focused support to young talents and internationalisation of Danish research. We aim to strengthen diversity within Danish research, so I am pleased that half of our 28 Young Researcher grants, which applies to young newly appointed Associate Professors, are awarded to women”, says Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation.

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New elite programme at University of Oxford

As part of the Call for Applications 2019 the Carlsberg Foundation has focused on ensuring that excellent young postdoctoral fellows get the opportunity to start a research career. The Carlsberg Foundation has thus offered no less than three instruments to postdoctoral fellows. As a result, 66 young researchers have been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship

The instrument “Visiting Fellowship at University of Oxford” has been established as part of a new postdoctoral programme at University of Oxford. This elite programme will offer young research talents the opportunity to gain research experience in an international environment. Seven young researchers will receive a “Visiting Fellowship” and can thus look forward to pursuing their research for a two-year period at one of the world’s most acclaimed universities.

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“In Denmark, we ought to consider establishing a few elite universities. However, this will take time, so it is important to collaborate with the best international universities. We therefore have high expectations of our elite programme at University of Oxford, which is targeted at exceptionally promising talents, who will get the opportunity to work in an international elite research environment, build a network and gain valuable experience. This will strengthen their individual research profiles and will be crucial when establishing their own research groups in Denmark”, says Flemming Besenbacher.

In addition to the seven “Visiting Fellowships”, 38 young researchers will receive an “Internationalisation Fellowship”, which is awarded as a two-year postdoctoral fellowship to the best postdoctoral fellows for a research stay at leading international research institutions. Furthermore, 19 young researchers are awarded a Reintegration Fellowship, which is awarded as a two-year postdoctoral fellowship to researchers returning from a research stay abroad to reintegrate into the Danish research environment.

New research groups and ground-breaking monographies

The Carlsberg Foundation has also awarded several grants to young Associate Professors and established researchers. 28 newly appointed Associate Professors with international experience are awarded a “Young Researcher” grant. The grant recipients, whereof half are female researchers, will thus get the opportunity to establish or consolidate an independent research group by hiring PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

26 leading researchers with a particular “Semper Ardens” approach (passionate, always burning) to their research are awarded one of the Carlsberg Foundation monography fellowships within the humanities and social science. The purpose of the fellowship is publication of a ground-breaking monography.

400 million DKK to Danish research in total in 2019

Earlier this year the Carlsberg Foundation granted DKK 200 million to 13 Semper Ardens projects and has thus supported Danish research with a total amount of DKK 400 million in 2019.

The Semper Ardens projects represent the highest excellence within science and have the potential to create new breakthroughs in international research. All the projects are headed by internationally recognized top researchers affiliated to the Danish research environment.

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