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The Carlsberg Foundation’s Researcher Apartments awarded with grand Danish architecture prize

Photo: Carlsberg Foundation / Jens Lindhe

Praksis Architects wins the prestigious Danish architecture prize ‘Big Arne’ for the Carlsberg Foundation’s Researcher Apartments located in Carlsberg District.

The jury’s motivation for awarding the prize to Praksis Architects for the Researcher Apartments is this: "The construction testifies architectural forethought and perfectionism and is awarded for the architecture's ability to protect the history of the place."

Astrid Mody, manager of the Danish Association of Architects Copenhagen, explains:

"The researcher apartments set a high standard in Carlsberg District while simultaneously drawing international knowledge to the capital. The researcher apartments reveal a great respect for the place while being executed in a modern way. The apartments serve as a model for how any construction in a new district should be developed through the judicious choice of materials and the buildings’ high level of detail, which is reflected in the unique and beautiful solutions. "

Photo: Carlsberg Foundation / Jens Lindhe

The apartments are located on the border of J. C. Jacobsen’s garden with the protected buildings, the Hanging Gardens and the Mineral Water Factory, as neighbors. The yellow brick building of about 3,200 m2 spread over 6 floors contains 22 varying types of housing as well as exhibitions and office facilities on the ground floor.

About Big Arne

The researcher apartments were nominated for this year's ‘Big Arne’ along with the new Panum Tower as one of the aesthetic candidates for their "beautiful architectural concept, where new and old support each other's story."

The Danish Association of Architects Copenhagen awards ‘Big Arne’ on the proposition of the members. The prizes are therefore a recognition from professionals to professionals. This year, it is the 10th time that the association awards ‘Big Arne’ to both executed achievements and to initiatives that have raised the architecture of the Copenhagen metropolitan area in the past year.

About the Carlsberg Foundation’s Researcher Apartments

The Carlsberg Foundation’s 22 researcher apartments were inaugurated on 2nd September 2016 on brewer J.C. Jacobsen's 205th birthday and the year of the Carlsberg Foundation’s 140th birthday. The apartments will house international researchers, and all 22 apartments are already rented out.

The development company Carlsberg District P/S has constructed the 22 new researcher apartments for the Carlsberg Foundation. In April 2012, Praksis Architects won the competition to design the new researcher apartments with approximately 3,200 m2 spread over 6 floors. The apartments will provide top researchers from around the world with a home that, by virtue of its materials and its high detail, has a sensuousness that can be felt.

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