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Carlsberg Foundation grants DKK 200 million to visionary research

In 2017, brilliant Danish researchers and research environments have received DKK 200 million in funding for excellent research activities. The grants will contribute to securing Denmark’s leading position in international research.

Ice cores to provide new information on abrupt climate change throughout history. Women as part of international trading companies in the 17.-19. century. Populism in Danish politics, viewed from an international angle. A telescope to measure “starquakes” and find exoplanets.

The perspectives are broad in the research activities initiated by the Carlsberg Foundation in 2017 within the natural science, the humanities and social sciences. The funded projects will be carried out at the highest scientific level, each having an excellent researcher as a lead - whether it be a postdoctoral researcher, a younger associate professor, or an experienced Semper Ardens researcher at professor level.

”The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent scientists, regardless of their rung on the career ladder.  The crucial aspect is their creative idea, which will make a difference to Danish research, measured by international standards. Like last year, we have paid special attention to the younger generation of researchers, as we consider it an important task to contribute to securing better opportunities, not least for younger associate professors. They need their own funds to establish themselves as research leaders so they can develop independent research profiles and create their own groups. We lend support at a critical time in the researcher’s career where, according to multiple studies, it is difficult to obtain funding for one’s own projects under the current funding structure”, says chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation Flemming Besenbacher.

Applications worth a good billion

The foundation has just awarded 13 grants for young associate professors in connection with the annual round of grants in 2017. Furthermore, a total of 51 postdoctoral scholarships have been granted to be carried out at Danish research institutions as well as abroad. The primary aim of these grants is to support and strengthen internationalisation and succession planning at the Danish universities.

See who received a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation in 2017

For the 2017 call for applications, the foundation has received a total of 941 applications at a total value of a DKK 1,1 billion. Out of these, 227 applicants received a grant to the total value of DKK 156 million, which gives a success rate, measured by the number of applicants, of 13 percent. DKK 74 million go to research activities within natural science, DKK 20 million go to cross-disciplinary research, and DKK 62 million go to activities within the humanities and social sciences. The activities are to be carried out at Danish as well as universities abroad.

Better possibilities to build infrastructure

In addition, the foundation has granted DKK 40 million to build infrastructure in the form of i.a., equipment and instruments, survey design and register databases.

”The Carlsberg Foundation is the only place in Denmark where researchers can apply for funding to build infrastructure separate from a specific project. With the infrastructure grants it is our intention to provide a better framework for researchers to conduct research across different projects. With this, we contribute to establish good framework conditions for future projects as well, and in this way, the funding will benefit multiple research groups”, says Flemming Besenbacher.

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