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The Carlsberg Foundation offers research funds 2018

The Carlsberg Foundation announces its research funds for 2018; hereby significantly contributing to the execution of excellent basic research at a high international level, by Danish researchers and foreign researchers with a strong connection to Danish research. Again, the foundation wishes to support groundbreaking research ideas, internationalisation of younger researchers, as well as succession planning and generational change in Danish research.

This year, it is possible to apply for postdoctoral fellowships, internationalisation fellowships, and “distinguished” fellowships, aimed at newly appointed associate professors, or assistant professors in tenure track. With this, the foundation makes it a priority to attempt to relieve the bottleneck-challenge in Danish research.

As a new thing, the foundation invites expressions of interest for visionary Semper Ardens-research projects. Among these, a few projects, assessed to have the potential to result in a cross disciplinary research breakthrough, and/or “high risk/high gain” research, will be chosen. These will be asked to send an actual proposal. The main applicant must be an internationally recognised professor with a very passionate (Semper Ardens) approach to research.

“We are happy, that we can raise our level of grants this year due to increased profits from Carlsberg A/S. We will use this to reintroduce the Semper Ardens instrument, aimed at top level researchers with visionary projects”, says Flemming Besenbacher, chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation.

For the assessment process, the foundation will use a holistic approach to evaluate the individual applicants and prioritise visionary research projects with a high potential for scientific breakthroughs.

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Compared to previous years, it is a new thing that the Semper Ardens fellowships are offered across all the scientific fields of the Carlsberg Foundation; the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The one-year fellowships will be awarded to leading, established researchers, wanting to produce a groundbreaking monograph. These fellowships are awarded to researchers, assessed to have a special Semper Ardens-approach to their research.

Moreover, postdoctoral grants will be awarded to excellent PhDs for research stays at universities abroad, or for independent research activities in Denmark.

The “Distinguished” fellowships aim to create better opportunities for younger associate professors and tenure-track assistant professors to establish their own independent research group.

Furthermore, the foundation offers funding for publication, research stays at foreign institutions, field trips, conferences, as well as equipment, register data etc.

Greenlandic and Icelandic fellowships

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Iceland’s independence, the Carlsberg Foundation extraordinarily awards two two-year postdoctoral fellowships by the name “HM Queen Margrethe II Distinguished Research Project on the Danish-Icelandic reception of Nordic antiquity”

The fellowships are awarded to conduct research into the Danish-Icelandic reception of Nordic antiquity from the Renaissance to national romanticism and modernism. The project will be hosted at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle in collaboration with the National Museum of Iceland and the University of Iceland.

Also, extraordinarily, in honour of Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday, “Crown Prince Frederik Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Greenland or the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources” are offered, to strengthen Greenlandic research.

The application system will open on 1 September 2018. The deadline for uploading applications is 1 October 2018.

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