Stay Curious Video - COVID-19

Become aware of the research in the Carlsberg Foundation's corona grants.

The Danes keep following the health guidelines – update from Michael Bang Petersen
Research Subject

26. maj 2020. How does it affect public behavior during the corona crisis when the authorities announce new guidelines? Professor Michael Bang Petersen continuously monitors changes in public behavior. The latest data shows that the public largely follow the health guidelines announced at the lock-down. Not because they are afraid, but because of their self-feeling. The corona crisis thus tells a good story about the authorities’ ability to make the public follow guidelines because they make sense to the individual.

Ali Salanti - In search of the “Achilles heel” of the Spike-protein
Research Subject COVID-19

STAY CURIOUS: 12. Maj 2020. Professor Ali Salanti has been awarded a special Semper Ardens grant to develop a vaccine against Covid-19. Like most of the world’s vaccine researchers, Ali Salanti and his research team at the University of Copenhagen aim to develop a vaccine strategy that targets the so-called Spike protein of the coronavirus. The Spike protein enables virus take-up into the cells of the human body by binding to a receptor called ACE2. With a vaccine, the researchers try to prevent these binding events.

Jørgen Kjems - Antiviral bodies fighting Coronavirus
Research subject

STAY CURIOUS: 6. May 2020. Professor Jørgen Kjems has been awarded a special Semper Ardens grant to design antiviral compounds which can bind to coronavirus and thus prevent the virus from being taken up by and harm cells in the body. The research is based on years of basic research into the method used. The hope is that within a year, an antiviral compound has been developed, which can prevent the virus from being taken up by cells in the body.

Population data predicts the rate of infection – research update by Michael Bang Petersen
Research Subject

24. April 2020. In order to ensure that the authorities make the best possible decisions in connection with the reopening of Denmark, Michael Bang Petersen is launching an “early warning system” to provide constantly updated data directly to the authorities on a day-to-day basis. This data can be used as an early indication of the development of the rate of infection.

An epidemic brought to its knees - research update with Lone Simonsen
Research Subject

17. April 2020. The current action against the Corona virus has surprisingly taught us that by joining forces, we can force an epidemic to its knees. It has been difficult and expensive, but it can, indeed, be done. For this reason, we are now ready to reopen daycare centers, schools and liberal professions, which is necessary to get through the Corona crisis.

Corona crisis - Research update from Michael Bang Petersen
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: 17. April 2020. The reopening of schools and institutions has in many ways been received negatively by the Danish public, as the Danes currently feel that the authorities do not fully agree on the best way out of the corona crisis. Watch the Carlsberg Foundation Semper Ardens researcher Michael Bang Petersen give a fresh update on his research in the Covid-19 crisis in this Stay Curious video.

How do the Danes act during the time of Corona-crisis?
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: 8. April 2020. The Corona-crisis is upon us with great consequences for both the individual and society as a whole. Professor Michael Bang Petersen, do research into social behavior during the Corona-crisis, in which Denmark, in many ways, has been transformed into an anthropological laboratory that can be studied in "real time".

Pandemics put into mathematical formulas.
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: 8. April 2020. When a pandemic strikes, it is necessary to be able to predict the course of events. Professor Lone Simonsen, has received a special Semper Ardens grant to develop mathematical pandemic models to estimate how and why, outbreaks of new viruses sometimes turn into global pandemics.