Crops of the future
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: New genetic variants of plants are more tolerant to cold, heat, and drought which enables them to produce higher crop yields. Research director Birgitte Skadhauge conducts research into ancient plants, which can lead the way to better and more sustainable crops.

Birgitte Skadhauge

STAY CURIOUS: Birgitte Skadhauge’s early years at a farm sparked an interest in the nature of crops, from seed to plant. Her wish is to develop better and more sustainable crops. The curiosity of getting to know barley down to the tiniest detail and understanding its genetics is a motivational factor every day.

Talk about crop improvement with Birgitte Skadhauge

STAY CURIOUS: Sequencing the barley genome has been successfully accomplished for the first time ever. It provides an opportunity to understand genetics, biochemistry and the plant physiology behind. New technology makes it possible to develop barley and other crops that can endure a changing climate.