Should we fear or embrace artificial intelligence?
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: Professor of physics Jacob Friis Sherson does research into hybrid intelligence to figure out what humans and computers, respectively, do better. How we react to artificial intelligence will, in part, define our future. We can fear it or embrace it.

Jacob Sherson

STAY CURIOUS: To Jacob Sherson, physics is the way to fundamentally understanding how the world works. He has dedicated his life to this. New ideas seem to constantly appear, and Jacob Sherson hopes for his research to reach out into the world and create change.

Talk about hybrid intelligence with Jacob Sherson

STAY CURIOUS: In the future, artificial intelligence will play an increasingly larger role in our lives. We have to maintain balance, so we will not become any less human. So, what do we do, once the efficiency of computer algorithms surpasses the human being? We are faced with a pivotal question of what type of society we want to live in.