Matter and antimatter - two sides of the same coin
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STAY CURIOUS: You, I, and everything else in the Universe is made out of matter. But there should be antimatter, equivalent to the total volume of matter in the Universe. The question, however, is this: Where did the antimatter go? Meet professor and physicist, Jeffrey S. Hangst, who is on the hunt for the antimatter that disappeared.

Jeffrey Hangst

STAY CURIOUS: As a child Jeffrey Hangst was told that if he did not study hard and made it to university, he would end up working in the steel factory in his native town in Pennsylvania. And he did end up in a factory – along with a number of the most excellent researchers in the world, he works at the antimatter-factory at CERN.

Talk about matter and antimatter with Jeffrey Hangst

STAY CURIOUS: Matter and antimatter cannot coexist. They would annihilate each other. We are only able to see five percent of what the Universe is made of. The rest is dark energy and dark matter. Where did the antimatter go?