From microscopic to an entire universe
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: Galaxies have not always existed. The have emerged through the course of the history of the Universe. Galaxies consist of a type of dark matter condensate and gas. So, does Professor Johan Fynbo believe, that there is life on other planets? Anything else would be peculiar.

Johan Fynbo

STAY CURIOUS: Growing up in the countryside, Johan Fynbo had many opportunities to gaze into the endless starry night sky. And it would become his career. Good teachers showed him the way into the world of astronomy and the fascination with phenomena thousands of kilometres away in the universe has stuck with him ever since.

Talk about galaxies with Johan Fynbo

STAY CURIOUS: Galaxies have not always existed. Without them, planets and humans would not even exist. So, how did they emerge? The new, current generation of telescopes make it possible to understand the formation of the earliest galaxies.