A planet under pressure
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: The Anthropocene is the age of mankind and is characterized by the significant changes we see all over the world as a result of our use of, and effect on the geology and eco-system of Planet Earth. Anthropologist Kirsten Hastrup explores the changes in Greenland where they are very obvious.

Kirsten Hastrup

STAY CURIOUS: As a child Kirsten Hastrup read books by Knud Rasmussen and watched a movie with her father about icebergs in Greenland. It was clear to her that she had to explore life in one of the most hostile geographical areas of the world. This was the beginning of what would become a long career in the field of polar research.

Talk about changes on Planet Earth with Kirsten Hastrup

STAY CURIOUS: In the Anthropocene age (of mankind), changes are occurring all over the world as a consequence of human influence on the geology and ecosystem of the earth. In the Thule region of the Northwestern Greenland, the ice is a crucial part of the infrastructure. When the ice cracks and melts, conditions of life for the local people change.