Digital diplomacy
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: Today, diplomacy does not only take place behind closed doors, but can be followed by everyone on social media. What earlier took a long time in conference rooms, will now happen in an instant on Twitter. Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen conducts research into what happens when foreign policies unfold in the digital age.

Rebecca Adler-Nissen

STAY CURIOUS: Rebecca Adler-Nissen’s childhood abroad with parents, who worked with people from all over the world, created an interest in other countries and cultures. She wishes to understand the diplomacy of the 21st century and to pass on her own curiosity and willingness to take chances to her students.

Talk about digital diplomacy with Rebecca Adler-Nissen

STAY CURIOUS: Peace can only be achieved when states are in dialogue about solving problems. The digital revolution challenges and changes the way in which diplomacy works. State leaders use their smartphones and social media during negotiations. Technology has brought us closer, but it has also created a new balance between confidentiality and transparency.