You pay with your attention
Research Subject

STAY CURIOUS: Never before have we had as much information available as now. But how do we distinguish between truth on the one side, and misinformation and fake news on the other? Listen, as Professor Vincent Hendricks explains how precious your attention really is.

Vincent Hendricks

STAY CURIOUS: “What is your work and why is it important?”, Vincent Hendrick’s son asked him ten years ago. This became the starting point for collecting and using his knowledge to the benefit of all of us. In a field between the humanities and technology, Vincent Hendricks does his research to understand the mechanisms behind misinformation.

Talk about misinformation and fake news with Vincent Hendricks

STAY CURIOUS: Misinformation, “fake news”, and attention economy are the keywords of Vincent Hendricks’ research. As social media are not regulated, they are largely a free market. When it is possible to be on social media for free, it is because you pay with your attention and your data. You, yourself, are the product to be sold.