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Spring Call 2022: The Carlsberg Foundation offers postdoctoral fellowships

The Carlsberg Foundation announces a call for applications for Internationalisation Fellowships to be carried out at leading international research institutions. The fellowships are offered for an uninterrupted research stay outside Denmark of minimum one year and maximum two years. The application deadline is 1 April 2022 at 4 pm.

For the first time, the Carlsberg Foundation announces a spring call, offering one to two year Internationalisation Fellowships for postdoctoral fellows for a research stay at leading international research institutions. These fellowships will support ground-breaking research, promote the internationalisation of Danish research, and contribute to strengthen the young generation of researchers.

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One to two year research stay outside Denmark

The Internationalisation Fellowships are granted to applicants who want to carry out an uninterrupted research stay outside Denmark of minimum one year and maximum to years.

The flexibility in the duration of the research stay has been introduced in the acknowledgement that for family or other reasons, it can be a challenge to spend an uninterrupted postdoctoral research stay of two years abroad.

“I am very pleased that from 2022 we are able to offer Internationalisation Fellowships both spring and autumn. This allows us to meet a request from the young research talents for more flexible application options. This is important as the younger researchers in particular are often employed on fixed-term contracts and may have difficulty planning a year ahead at this point in their careers. I am also very pleased that we are now making the period of stay abroad more flexible. It will benefit not least the young female researchers' opportunities to complete a postdoctoral research stay in an international research environment, which also contributes to promoting the gender diversity in Danish research in general”, says the Chairwoman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Majken Schultz.

To be eligible for the Carlsberg Foundation Internationalisation Fellowship, the applicant must hold a PhD degree or must have received the assessment of the PhD thesis. The Carlsberg Foundation Internationalisation Fellowships are only awarded to PhDs with a pre-established strong connection to Danish research.

All qualified researchers are invited to apply

The board of the Carlsberg Foundation will evaluate and make the decision on all applications received.

In the evaluation of applications, the Carlsberg Foundation favours visionary research projects with high potential.

Furthermore, the Carlsberg Foundation is focused on promoting gender diversity in Danish research. We adopt a holistic view of each applicant’s qualifications and invite all qualified researchers to apply, encouraging in particular qualified female researchers to do so.

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