Carl Jacobsen's chronology

Brewer, art collector, patron


The Brewer dies

Carl Jacobsen dies on 11 January in Frederiksberg at the age of 71.

Carl Jacobsen

brewer, art collector, patron

02/03/1842 - 11/01/1914


The Little Mermaid

Carl Jacobsen donates the Little Mermaid statue to the city of Copenhagen. The sculpture, designed by Edvard Eriksen, was reputedly modelled on the royal solo ballerina Ellen Price de Plane. On 23 August, the sculpture is erected at Langelinie.


the Carlsberg Breweries

The two breweries, Old Carlsberg and New Carlsberg, merge to become Carlsberg Breweries with Carl Jacobsen as managing director.


An annex to Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket, designed by Hack Kampmann, opens on 27 June. 


The New Carlsberg Foundation is established. On 20 January, Carl Jacobsen and Ottilia Jacobsen sign a Charter transferring the New Carlsberg Brewery to the New Carlsberg Foundation. Profits from the brewery will thus go to the New Carlsberg Foundation, the purpose of which is to promote the role of art in Danish society, based on the conviction that art has the capacity to enrich human life and our world.


The art museum Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (today Glyptoteket), designed by architect Vilhelm Dahlerup, is built in Dantes Plads and opens on 1 May. Carl Jacobsen donates his extensive art collection to the museum.


The Royal Cast Collection, financed and manged by Carl Jacobsen, is established as part of the National Gallery of Denmark.


The Jesus Church is inaugurated

The Jesus Church opens. It was designed by architect Vilhelm Dahlerup for Carl Jacobsen, who wanted to build a church that would resound with beautiful music, and hence the acoustics were a high priority.


The deed of gift transferring Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek to the city of Copenhagen is drawn up (and subsequently expanded in 1889).


J.C. Jacobsen dies

J.C. Jacobsen dies on a family trip to Rome. The Carlsberg Foundation assumes ownership of Old Carlsberg.

J.C. Jacobsen>

CAPITAIN and Brewer

02/09/1811 - 30/4/1887


The legacy of the father

Carl Jacobsen had received DKK 1 million from J.C. Jacobsen in 1882 when his father resolved in his will to bequeath Old Carlsberg to the Carlsberg Foundation. Carl Jacobsen uses this money to establish the four New Carlsberg Grants: the Workers Grant for building worker accommodation and supporting sick workers; the Museum Grant for supporting the acquisition of decorative art (the capital was later transferred to the Danish Museum of Art and Design); the Church Grant, used to build the Jesus Church in Valby; and the Art Grant for the procurement of works of art that became the nucleus of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.


The creation of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Carl Jacobsen’s private collection of artworks has become too large for his home at New Carlsberg, so on 5 November he opens up his conservatory as a gallery. Inspired by King Ludwig of Bavaria’s Glyp¬tothek in Munich, he likewise names his collection the Glyptotek, which becomes the forerunner of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. 

The creation of the Albertina Grant

The Albertina Grant is established with the purpose of erecting sculptures and statues in Copenhagen’s parks and squares. The name Albertina refers to the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, known in Italy as Alberto.


Carl Jacobsen gets married to Ottilia Stegmann

On 24 September, Carl Jacobsen marries Ottilia Stegmann, daughter of Lorenz Conrad Carl Stegmann, a Danish merchant living in Edinburgh, Scotland. They go on to have eight children.


Ny Carlsberg brewery founded

J.C. Jacobsen builds the Annexe Brewery alongside the existing brewery at the Carlsberg site and leases it to Carl Jacobsen, who founds the New Carlsberg Brewery.


Carl Jacobsen's traveling

In 1851, Carl Jacobsen makes his first trip to Italy accompanied by both parents, visiting the north of the country. In 1859, he travels with his teacher to Germany, Switzerland and France. In 1862, he makes his second trip to Italy accompanied by his father (in all, Carl visited Italy 18 times). Subsequently, he makes a four-year educational tour of leading breweries in France, Germany, Scotland and England.


Carl Jacobsen is born on 2 March.