Brewer J.C. Jacobsen (1811-1887)

a man of the future


The Brewer dies

Brewer J.C. Jacobsen dies during a visit to Rome, but not before being reconciled to Carl.

J.C. Jacobsen


02/09/1811 - 30/4/1887


Ny Carlsberg

Carl enjoys success brewing beer and builds a new brewery, New Carlsberg. J.C. and Carl become competitors and a conflict ensues between them.


J.C. Jacobsen founds the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle and oversees large parts of the castle’s reconstruction after the fire in 1859.


On 25 September, the Carlsberg Foundation is established by a Deed of Gift to the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. J.C. Jacobsen personally writes the Charter and Statutes and sends them to the Academy. The Carlsberg Foundation’s Charter receives royal approval on 18 October 1876. 


J.C. Jacobsen sets up the Carlsberg Laboratory, which becomes one of the world’s most pioneering research institutions.


The Annexe Brewery

J.C. Jacobsen builds the Annexe Brewery and lets it to his son, Carl, who by this time has also trained in brewing.


The Family moves

J.C., Laura and Carl move from their apartment in Brolæggerstræde to the new main building at Carlsberg (now the Carlsberg Academy).


Carlsberg is founded

J.C. Jacobsen founds the Carlsberg brewery in Valby outside Copenhagen. The first cask of Bavarian-style beer is ready on 10 November. Carlsberg takes its name from J.C. Jacobsen’s son, Carl, and the berg (hill) on which the site stands.


Zum Späten

J.C. Jacobsen visits the Zum Späten brewery in Munich and returns home with the bottom-fermenting yeast that becomes the basis for Carlsberg’s beer production.


Carl is born

J.C. Jacobsen’s son, Carl Jacobsen, is born.


Bavarian beer

Brewer J.C. Jacobsen first tastes Bavarian beer in Copenhagen. Shortly afterwards, he travels to Hamburg to investigate the fermentation process and technique behind the tasty German beer.


The Brewery in Brolæggerstræde

Christen Jacobsen dies and J.C. Jacobsen takes over the brewery in Brolæggerstræde together with his mother.


J.C. Jacobsen meets Laura Holst

J.C. Jacobsen meets Laura Holst, whom he goes on to marry in 1839. Through Laura’s cousins, who are studying in Copenhagen, J.C. Jacobsen gains insight into academia and subsequently attends lectures in biology, chemistry and other subjects. 


The Brewers' Guild is abolished


The Brewer is born

Jacob Christian Jacobsen is born on 2 September in Brolæggerstræde, Copenhagen, to Caroline Frederikke Schelbeck, the daughter of a Copenhagen silk weaver, and Christen Jacobsen, a farmer’s son from Jutland. Christen moved to Copenhagen in 1801 to work in the King’s Brewhouse, but would establish his own brewery in Brolæggerstræde in 1826. J.C. Jacobsen is an only child and spends most of his childhood either at school or working in his father’s brewery.