Public affairs

The Carlsberg Foundation wishes to be transparent about the foundation’s goals and methods concerning political decision-making processes and the stakeholders with whom we collaborate.

The Carlsberg Foundation is currently in the process of developing a public affairs strategy. The overall purpose of the strategy is to strengthen the reputation and legitimacy of the foundation. Through dialogue with the foundation’s main stakeholders, we want to ensure that key decision makers are informed about our most important priority areas. The strategy will be published on our website and reviewed annually.

Below we present the stakeholders, who are part of the Carlsberg Foundation’s activities and network.

Primary stakeholders

The Carlsberg Family
  • Carlsberg Group 
  • The New Carlsberg Foundation
  • The Tuborg Foundation
  • Carlsberg Research Laboratory
  • Frederiksborg - The Museum of National History
  • New Carlsberg Glyptotek (Glyptoteket)

Researchers affiliated to Danish universities
  • Grant holders
  • Grant holders of the Carlsberg Bequest
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
  • Danish universities and other research institutions
  • Ministries and other government agencies, particularly the Ministry of Higher Education and Science
  • The City of Copenhagen

Secondary stakeholders including collaborators

  • Other Danish and foreign private and public foundations
  • Nongovernmental organisations
  • Think tanks
  • Media

Research collaborations

  • University of Oxford
  • Icelandic Research Fund
  • The Danish Academy in Rome, including Dronning Ingrids Romerske Fond
  • The Danish Institute at Athens

Memberships and partnerships

  • Axcelfuture, “Partnership for Sustainable Globalisation”
  • Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
  • World Economic Forum
  • European Foundation Centre
  • Fondenes Videnscenter
  • The Danish Foreign Policy Society
  • Board Network
  • Foreningen Folkemødet

Investment Advisors

  • Formuepleje
  • Spektrum