Application guidelines

Processing time:

14-30 days

The Carlsberg Foundation supports the publication of monographs based on projects funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. The manuscript must be print-ready when the application is submitted but should not be attached.

Application requirements:

The application must be submitted through Webfond (application system).

The following appendices must be uploaded with the application in pdf format (please note that other formats are not accepted):

  • Project description
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications
  • Budget
  • Printing quotes etc.

Project description
The project description must not exceed two A4 pages (all included).

Curriculum Vitae
The CV (with photo if possible) must not exceed three A4 pages.

List of publications
Senior researchers can limit their list of publications to the last five years.

An itemised budget for the amount applied for must be provided by filling in the Carlsberg Foundation budget template.

Printing quotes etc.
Two printing quotes and one estimate from the publisher must be attached to the application.