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Street fighting women. Gender, body, and violence on the Far Right in Interwar Scandinavia

Reintegration Fellowships


This project aims at producing a ground-breaking comparative analysis of interactions between gender, body, and political violence in far-right politics in Scandinavia during the Interwar period (1918-1939), specifically in the political activism of Konservativ Ungdom (KU) in Denmark, Sveriges Nationella Ungdomsförbund in Sweden (SNF), and Fedrelandslagets Ungdomsfylking (FU) in Norway.


This project holds not only a unique case but the potential of contributing to a general field of gender studies and the history of political culture and violence with new insights expanding our general understanding of how gender is negotiated and performed politically in times of cultural transformation.


The project employs a diverse array of archival, printed, and visual sources including the correspondence, archival sources, publications, and propaganda material.