Frederiksborg • Museum of National History

Photo: Ralf Turander



Frederiksborg • Museum of National History is a public museum with permanent collections and varying exhibitions. The museum has been located at Frederiksborg Castle since it was established in 1878 on the initiative of brewer J.C. Jacobsen. Today, it is run as an independent department of the Carlsberg Foundation.

Frederiksborg • Museum of National History houses 500 years of Danish history through a rich collection of portraits, historic paintings, furniture and decorative art, enhanced by the castle’s historic surroundings. Visitors to the museum become acquainted with people and events that have helped shape Denmark’s history from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.

The museum’s period interiors and the castle’s magnificent halls give an impression of changing styles and periods as well as the social conventions of earlier times. The portrait collection is the largest and most important in Denmark, and the collection of paintings, busts, drawings and photographs is supplemented each year with new works.

Through varying special exhibitions and public activities, the museum also maintains the dialogue with the past and puts Danish history and portraiture into perspective.

Photo: Ralf Turander

Photo: Ralf Turander

Photo: Ralf Turander

Photo: Ralf Turander

Photo: Ralf Turander

In brief

Frederiksborg • Museum of National History reflects Carlsberg and Carlsberg Foundation founder J.C. Jacobsen’s passion for history.

In a devastating fire in 1859, large parts of Christian IV’s original Renaissance castle from the 1600s were destroyed. The subsequent major reconstruction work was financed through a national subscription and private donations.

J.C. Jacobsen played a vital role in the castle’s reconstruction and refurbishment. In 1877, he proposed making the castle the home of a national history museum. Both the Danish Royal Family and the Danish Parliament were persuaded by his plan.

Part of the Carlsberg Foundation

Frederiksborg • Museum of National History is part of the Carlsberg Foundation and is referred to in the foundation’s charter as department C.

The Carlsberg Foundation is responsible for maintaining and developing the museum and grants funding to the museum each year in accordance with the budget.


Frederiksborg • Museum of National History is managed by a board of directors comprising three members, including one representing the Carlsberg Foundation's board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for the museum’s use of revenues and makes proposals to the Carlsberg Foundation on extraordinary initiatives outside the ordinary budget.

The museum’s board of directors and the Carlsberg Foundation’s CEO employ a museum director, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the museum. The museum director reports to the museum’s board of directors in technical museum matters and to the Carlsberg Foundation’s CEO in other matters.

The Museum's management

Day-to-day management: Ulla Tofte Museum Director Museum’s Board of Directors: Christian Schønau (Chair) Lord Chamberlain of The Royal House of Denmark Majken Schultz (Deputy Chair) Professor, PhD, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School Chair of the Board of Directors, Carlsberg Foundation Mikkel Bogh Professor, Head of the Center for Practice-based Art Studies, University of Copenhagen